Yuoto Switch Dual flavors 3000 Puffs Disposable Vape 1650mAh


Yuoto Switch is a disposable vape with two vape juice falvors in one device. You can enjoy different flavors anytime without carrying 2 devices at once! It is prefilled with 8mL liquid in total, 4mL for each flavor. The large 1650mAh integrated battery can guarantee you to have a long lasting vaping.

Yuoto Switch Dual flavors Parameter:
E-juice Capacity: 8ML
Yuoto Switch Dual flavors Flavors:

mint ice&apple ice,
watermelon ice&peach ice,
Banana ice& mango ice,
energy drink &coke ice,
Blueberry ice& Lychee ice,
prap ice &melon ice,
srawberry watermelon &Guava,
ice pina colada ice&pineapple ice

Yuoto Switch Dual flavors Package:

1pcs/ 57g

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