Suorin Air Bar Max Disposable Vape 2000+ Puffs

Flavor: Watermelon Ice


Suorin Air Bar Max is a disposable vape with 6.5mL vape juice. The mouthpiece is specially designed for mouth-to-lung vaping. The 5% nicotine level will satisfy your nicotine craving right away. Moreover, you can choose the one you like from 25 flavors. The flavor types range from fruits, drinks, to dessert. With the 2000mAh large integrated battery, you can have an enduring vaping with the Air Bar Max.

Suorin Air Bar Max Specifications:
1250mAh Battery
2000+ Puffs
6.5ml of E-Liquid
5% Nicotine Salt

Suorin Air Bar Max flavors:
Watermelon Ice: Sweet, juicy watermelon e-liquid with a menthol finish.
Redbull Ice: Inspired by the world-famous energy drink, this juice ends with a breath of menthol.
Sakura Grape: Rich, succulent purple grape e-liquid.
Shake Shake: A sweet smoothie blended from strawberry, banana, and apple with a touch of menthol.
Cool Mint: Icy menthol and genuine mint flavor.
Apple Shake: Crisp apple blended with cool cream to create a unique milkshake flavor.
Pudding: Custard vape juice with perfectly sweet layers.
Blueberry Black Currant: Dark, sweet blueberries and black currant flavor similar to that of grapes and raspberries.
Blueberry Lemon Ice: A super refreshing and zesty lemon vape juice blended with blueberry and menthol.
Guava Shake: Tropical guava atop a cool creamy base.
Kiwi Berry Ice: Tangy kiwi and mixed berry vape juice with an icy exhale.
Banana Shake: Ripe banana slices blended with a cool milky cream.
Melon Shake: Sweet honeydew and cantaloupe melon e-liquid with a creamy base.
Cranberry Grape: Tart cranberry balanced by sweet purple grape.
Lemon Shake: A creamy custard base mixed with citrus lemon.
Berries Shake: ?Juicy dark mixed berries blended with vanilla ice cream.

Suorin Air Bar Max Package Includes:
1x Suorin Air Bar Max Disposable Vape

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