Suorin Air Bar Box Disposable Vape 3000 Puffs

Flavor: Cranberry Grape


Suorin Air Box is a box shaped disposable vape. It contain 10mL vape juice. The salt nicotine strength is 5%. The vapes are made in high quality. The design is also made for comfortable grip. With a huge 3000mAh battery capacity, Air Box will be a long-lasting accompany of yours.

Air Bar Box Features:
Disposable Device
5% nicotine
1 Device per package
10mL of e-liquid
1500mAh battery capacity
3000 puffs
Not rechargeable

Air Bar Box Vape Flavors:
Cranberry Grape
Energy Drink Ice
Vitamin Water
Mix Berries
Orange Shake
Watermelon Ice
Pineapple Shake
Cool Lemon
Cherry Lemon
Kiwi Shake
Orange Juice
Strawberry Mango
Sour Apple Ice
Watermelon Candy
Strawberry Watermelon

1 X Air Bar Box Disposable Vape

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