Flum Ultra Disposable Vape 1800 Puffs

Flavor: Dragon Ice


Flum Ultra by Flum Vapor is an airflow adjustable disposable vape. It is prefilled with 7mL vape juice in 5% nicotine strength. There are 10 flavor options. Though it is unrechargeable, the safe battery can support up to 1800 puffs per unit. The ergonomic mouthpiece is comfortable to use. Grab some and enjoy the satisfying flavors now.

Liquid: 7.0mL
Nicotine: 50mg (5%)
Airflow: Adjustable
1800 Puffs Per Device

Ready your taste buds for a familiarly crisp flavor experience, which is now available in vapor form. This dazzling vape will surely become one of your new favorites, boasting a crisp and refreshing apple cider flavor that seems to attach to your taste buds with each puff that you take.

Whether you're looking to add yet another flavor to your roster or not, this is definitely one to consider. It brings you a satisfying trio of flavors that consists of bananas, strawberries, and apples, providing a full mix of fruits that will quickly turn into a favorite.

If an all-day vape is what you're looking for, you've met your match with this super satisfying flavor. It is the taste of watermelon bubblegum, leaving your mouth watering with a luscious taste. It'll definitely go down as a flavor that you appreciate the most.

Delivering an exotic taste and chilling temperatures, you won't find another flavor experience that can provide such an amazing taste. This extraordinary concoction combines an exotic dragonfruit flavor and a super satisfying menthol flavor that ensures you experience the lowest temperatures.

Boasting a rare, yet amazing taste from beginning to end, there isn't anything quite like it. It brings you a blend of tasty fruit flavors and a mix of tea flavors. While it isn't the most common flavor pairing, it is certainly one that you will find overwhelmingly flavorsome.

Engulf your mouth with this magnificent combination of tasty flavors. It consists of a delicious blend of kiwis and the addition of menthol, providing a cool and tasty vape that you will love from beginning to end. This flavor is one that you will love to puff on all day long.

With every puff that you take, you'll enjoy a super satisfying flavor that will leave you mesmerized. It consists of a smooth and relaxing pink lemonade flavor and a blend of bone-chilling menthol, perfect for vaping all day long. It is just the right pairing of flavors.

It is a familiar taste that everyone knows and loves. This special flavor only comes around at a certain time of year but in the vapor form, you can experience it any time you want. Get ready to enjoy the most pleasing pumpkin spice vape that has been perfectly recreated.

Bringing you a delightful concoction of flavors, this is definitely an amazing vape. If you are wanting to find yourself a refreshing flavor, this combination of strawberry and lemonade flavor will ensure you are left satisfied. Each time you inhale, you will be left amazed.

There is no better flavor than this delicious mix of flavors. It is a tasty vape that will surely cool your tastes and leave you with a lingering flavor experience that you'll go on to taste even after you've finished your puff. Enjoy this cool and flavorsome vape anytime.

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1 x MOTI POP Disposable Vape

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