ELF BAR NC1800 Disposable Vape 950mAh 1800 puffs

Flavor: Banana Milk
Nicotine: 5% Nicotine


Product Introduction
Powered by a 950mAh internal battery, Elf Bar NC1800 is a disposable vape that gives each user 1,800 hits or so. Each NC1800 accommodates 6mL e-liquid, available in either 2% or 5% nicotine strength. The disposable features the portable and exquisite design typical of Elf Bar offerings. As it can be slipped into anywhere without an effort, this one is a second-to-none option whenever you’re on the go or on a long travel. Add to that, its translucent mouthpiece is fairly slim and smooth, precisely shaped to fit within the lips. Elf Bar has released 10 flavors for the NC1800—there must be one hitting the spot!

Size: 119 x 23 x 14mm
E-liquid Capacity: 6ml
Nicotine Strength: 5%/2%/2%SE
Battery Capacity:950mAh
Puffs: 1800 Puffs

1800 puffs with fully satisfaction
950mAh high energy density battery
Stable and continuous power output deliver pure taste
Unique Macaron color scheme, each one is a special designed gift
Slippy and soft, like touching skin

It comes with
1× Elf Bar NC1800 Disposable Pod Device 950mAh

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